1. Total Number of participants should not be more than 20.
  2. All participating teams must report on the 1st Jan 2018 After noon. Arrangements for lodging & boarding will be provided, by the organizers, from 1st Jan 2018 Dinner to 7th Jan 2018 Morning Breakfast.
  3. All traveling expenses have to be borne by the participants. However, if required, organizers may help in arranging conveyance from Delhi to Manali and back if a request for the same is made in advance.
  4. Teams must maintain strict discipline.
  5. No alcoholic drinks will be allowed to be consumed during the Carnival. Teams found misbehaving are liable to be expelled and sent back.
  6. The organizers can in no way be held responsible for any mishap or accident that occurs before/during or after the carnival.
  7. All participants must report at the back stage at least an hour before their scheduled programme is to start.
  8. Teams reporting at Manali should immediately contact our central control room in the District Tourism Development Office, near Ram Bagh The Mall Manali for allotment of Hotel, Guest Houses, Rest Houses rooms.
  9. Contact No. 01902-252175
  10. All the participants should be bring 2 passports size photographs with them and intimate their time of arrival at Manali in advance.