Food and Accommodation

  1. Food Coupons will be issued daily amounting to Rs. 200 Per Person per day.
  2. Team confirmation will be considered only of those consisting of minimum 6 female artist.
  3. Triple occupancy based accommodation will be provided to the participants.
  4. Non performing members with the teams will be charged Rs. 500 per person per day.
  5. Participants should be bring blankets and woolen clothes along with them.
  6. Teams reporting at Manali should immediately contact our central control room in the District Tourism Development Office, near Ram Bagh The Mall Manali for allotment of Hotel, Guest Houses, Rest Houses rooms.
  7. Contact No. 01902-252175
  8. All the participants should be bring 2 passports size photographs with them and intimate their time of arrival at Manali in advance.